A Documentary Feature by

Pol Cruchten


Dinara Drukarova, Iryna Voloshyna, Vitaliy Matvienko

and the Voices by

Camille Saltet de Sablet, Marc Citti, Éric Caravaca, Laurence Côte, Salomé Stévenin, Robinson Stévenin

International Sales

La Huit • Stéphane Jourdain • stephane.jourdain@lahuit.fr • +33 6 63 60 96 22


World Premiere: Trieste Film Festival 2016

Luxembourg Release: February 26, 2016

French Release: November 23, 2016


The film does not deal with Chernobyl, but rather with the world of Chernobyl, about which we know very little. Eyewitness reports have survived: scientists, teachers, journalists, couples, children… They tell of their old daily lives, then of the catastrophe. Their voices form a long, terrible but necessary supplication which traverses borders and stimulates us to question our status quo. 

Producers: Red Lion (Luxembourg), KGP (Austria)

With the support of: Film Fund Luxembourg, Österreichisches Filminstitut

Nationalities: Luxembourg, Austria

France Distribution: La Huit

Austria Distribution: Film Delights

International Sales: La Huit

Adaptation: Pol Cruchten

From the book by: Svetlana Alexievich

Original Soundtrack: André Mergenthaler, Luma Luma Earthsounds

Director of Photography: Jerzy Palacz

Editing: Dominique Gallieni

Sound: Oleg Goloveshkin, Sergiy Stepanskyy, Ingo Dumlich, Mike Butcher

Language: French

Duration: 1h26

Image Format: 1:55

Sound Format: 5.1

Production Year: 2016

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