A film by

Laura Schroeder


Susanne Wolff, Iben Hjejle, Álvaro Cervantes, Stephan Kampwirth, Filip Peeters, Laura Tonke, Judith Hofmann, André Jung, Monique Reuter, Germain Wagner, Gladys Balaguer


Groundbreaking brain surgery in a clinic in Lanzarote may be Maret’s only hope to get her memory back. The problem is : does she really want to remember the person she once was?

Script: Laura Schroeder, Judith Angerbauer

Director of Photography: Laurent Brunet

Production Design: Christina Schaffer

Editing: Andrew Bird

Sound: Carlo Thoss, Nicolas Leroy, Loïc Collignon

Costume Design: Uli Simon

Make Up: Barbara Kreuzer

Language: German, English

Production Year: 2022

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